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Home Whitening


Professional at-home whitening is very simple and easy. It requires wearing custom-made whitening trays for approximately one hour per day for 10-14 consecutive day. 

Results start to become visible within 7-10 days and you can expect your teeth to be up to 8 shades lighter within ten days.

It is very easy to top-up at-home whitening treatment to prolong and improve the results of treatment.

From £299

Philips Zoom!™


Using the latest state of the art world renowned Philips Zoom!™ Advanced whitening lamp as seen in extreme makeover, your teeth can be whitened instantaneously within about an hour. 

In addition to the in-surgery Zoom!™ whitening, professional home whitening kits are also offered to enable you to keep on top of your whitening in the comfort of your own home.

From £400



Enlighten™ is the most highly recommended, world leading combination teeth whitening system. The only system on the UK market to guarantee up to 10 shades lighter, achieving B1 shade results with both at-home and in-surgery whitening.

If you were to chose the Enlighten system, you will be provided with Enlighten bespoke whitening trays and gels to be worn overnight for 14 days, complete with a relaxed one hour in-surgery whitening treatment.

From £650

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Internal Whitening

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